Marquette Warrior: On the “Ground Zero Mosque”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the “Ground Zero Mosque”

We left a comment on Rick Esenberg’s blog that we think deserves posting here about the “Ground Zero Mosque” (actually a Muslim community center that includes a mosque).

We are all for property rights, so we think you can do anything you want with property you own unless you cause palpable harm to somebody -- reducing their property values, for example.

But we can’t help noting that if it was a Wal-Mart that somebody wanted to establish, liberals would be fighting it tooth and nail.

If somebody proposed a project that was claimed to be offensive to blacks, or gays, or “women” (meaning feminists) or indeed Muslims, nobody on the left would be lecturing anybody about “tolerance.”

Or maybe they would be saying that “tolerance” requires you defer to the sensibilities of some politically correct group.

But the 9/11 victims don’t seem to be a politically correct group.

So liberals, quit lecturing people on tolerance. You feel no obligation whatsoever to tolerate anything that you happen to dislike, and everybody knows you feel no such obligation.

And while you are at it, quit talking about “freedom of religion.” Somehow, that’s not a concept you are big on when the issue is Christians. So we are not impressed when you all of a sudden start touting it when the issue is Muslims.

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