Marquette Warrior: Alternative To Overpriced Union Food

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alternative To Overpriced Union Food

Right in front of the Raynor Library today was a food cart.

And this is the operation that had it there.

Whether they come out depends on the weather, but usually their Facebook page will say.

Pretty good Gyro, and the price for it and a soft drink and chips was $5.00.


Anonymous scott said...

My biggest complaint about food on campus is that the union is too crowded to eat there at lunch these last few years. A good alternative is the Tory Hill Cafe in the law school.

With that said, I'm delighted to see the return of street food on campus. The gyro cart is good, but you shouldn't limit yourself. Pita Brothers is excellent, and my personal favorite is Tiger Bite. Their Korean tacos are fantastic.

3:52 PM  

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