Marquette Warrior: Want a Resident Assistant’s Job? At Marquette You Must Submit to Thought Reform

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Want a Resident Assistant’s Job? At Marquette You Must Submit to Thought Reform

From MUScoop (which is mostly a sports discussion board, but which sometimes ventures into other campus issues):

An account of how the Office of Residence Life engages in indoctrination of students, and especially people who are Resident Assistants.

One person posted a link to an ORL event called Remove the Blindfold. This is described as:
. . . an annual event sponsored by RHA that promotes awareness about many social justice issues facing the world today. The experience of attending Remove the Blindfold should stimulate thoughts, feelings, and emotions around the issues and images presented. The hope is that through this experience, students will become more aware of social injustices and move toward positive change by taking action.
Such events, of course, are profoundly anti-intellectual. It’s assumed that there are no contentious issues about which there is a legitimate debate. Rather, there is only “injustice.” And it’s always obvious to those who have “removed the blindfold” what constitutes an injustice. For example, it’s assumes that a lack of affirmative action is an injustice. If you believe that having affirmative action is an injustice, you must be a racist.

And note the elitist assumption that people who don’t see the world the way ORL staff do are blinded. In fact, ORL staff live in the narrow and parochial world of student affairs bureaucrats, and lack both the competence and the open-mindedness to deal with serious public issues.

One might think that silly events like this aren’t of much import, but another poster explained something much more intolerant and insidious:
As an RA for 2 years, I was required to participate in this program, as well as numerous other “diversity” oriented programs. I can say with no amount of exaggeration that they were very anti-male, anti-white, etc. We were bussed to the LGBT Center on MLK Drive as part of our “sensitivity training,” and it was intimated that anyone whose personal beliefs contradicted their agenda was backward and bigoted.

This stuff is all over in MU’s administration. As an openly Evangelical Christian, there were numerous times when I was made to feel that my beliefs were not acceptable within ORL. The ironic thing about the PC movement is that everyone’s beliefs are acceptable unless you disagree with them...
This stuff is indeed “all over all over in MU’s administration.” Freshman orientation, for example, contains a heavy dose of politically correct indoctrination. And not only are freshman students indoctrinated, but students who work in orientation are subjected to what we described as Stalinist thought reform.

And at Marquette, as elsewhere in academia, these things are defended in terms of “tolerance” and “diversity.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was an ra at mu for 2 years. This type of "programming" always happened and I was forced to attend. This was an eye opening experience as everything they said had no logic but was filled with head-bobbing approval.

Starting with McMahon, the leadership is weak. Arcuri is still there, he has drive but basically will do and say whatever is necessary to move up- thus not a real risk taker. All the other ra's held him in such reverence but he seemed like an empty suit. These guys lack true listening and the drive to be excellent- the bar is set and they are high jumpers just clearing the bar.

But, really, does this surprise you? This is so typical Marquette- only have one viewpoint and if you disagree you are wrong. I did enjoy my time as an ra- it was a fantastic experience but in the end I opted to go into the real world instead of living in the land of oz.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous James Pawlak said...

The ideal candidate for a Marquette University RA is a: Hispanic surnamed, Black, Lesbian, sex-changed, "female", "kill and immediately eat red meat fanatic", substance abusing, dishonorably discharged military vet, parolee, with one leg, a glass eye, a very repulsive skin disease and bad breath, who is now unemployed after being fired from "her" prior position as a Priestess within a San Francisco Satan-Worshiping congregation for being "too evil"and was previously expelled by the University Of California-Berkely (Political Science Major) AND from all local political organizations and Mosques for being "too radically leftist" or too violent

12:29 PM  

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