Marquette Warrior: Documentary on Conservative Talk Radio, With a Milwaukee Focus

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Documentary on Conservative Talk Radio, With a Milwaukee Focus

Marquette’s Brien Farley (an employee of University Advancement) has spent several months working on a documentary about conservative talk radio, and has interviewed all the top talk radio hosts in the market (with the exception of Belling) as well as the most visible local critics of the genre.

The entire thing will be six parts, but at the moment the first three parts are available as streaming video on his website.

These are an absolute “must see” for anybody interested in conservative talk radio, Milwaukee politics or indeed the media in general.

[In the interests of full disclosure: we technically “supervised” the project as a Marquette internship for academic credit. In fact, Farley needed virtually no “supervision” as he is quite media savvy and politically savvy.]

Your humble blogger is one of the people featured in the video.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just caught your documentary. I have no doubt that you are also on the bradley foundation payroll. One only needs to look at your links and they all point right back to the bradley foundation. I find it interesting how you applaud talk radio. Does that mean you approve of it's truthfulness? I also find it interesting how talk radio NEVER EVER has a guest on their shows expressing opposing viewpoints. When someone calls the Sykes show [or any of the others] and expresses opposing viewpoints he immediately cuts the conversation off. Tell it like it is---biased entertainment. I'm sure my comment won't last long on your site. No surprise, but I will mention this in other blogs!

11:23 PM  

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