Marquette Warrior: Marquette College Democrats Not Allowed to Call Their Recall Walker Table a “Recall Walker” Table

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marquette College Democrats Not Allowed to Call Their Recall Walker Table a “Recall Walker” Table

Just a couple of hours ago we were in the Union, and saw a table the College Democrats had set up to collect signatures on a petition to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

But no sign said “Recall Walker.” Marquette’s Student Affairs office won’t let the group call the table a “Recall Walker” table.

It has to be a “petition signing” table

Why? The College Democrats were a bit vague on the bureaucratic logic behind this, but we suspect it’s because Marquette, as an institution, can’t engage in “electioneering.” We have blogged about this, and how Marquette has taken an excessively narrow and risk averse position on the issue.

Of course, not calling the table a “Recall Walker” table doesn’t change the fact that that’s what it is.

And indeed, student organizations have often, on this campus, engaged in electioneering.

Ian Jamieson, the person at Student Affairs who is responsible for this restriction, was not immediately available to comment.

When he provides us with an explanation, we will post it here.

But we have a hard time seeing how any explanation will be plausible (other than from a very narrow bureaucratic perspective).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an MU ALUM and former "Warrior", I was thinking that it would have been nice to think that some of those so enlightened minds at Golden Eagleville, strolling up to sign a document that will erode more of their personal liberties, those eager to become a witness to a cause of the union mob, were not doing so out of some baseless, self prescribed delusional notion of justice. That some before signing actually sought to objectively consider the effects of union abuse, and the union corruption that has damaged our free society before lending their reputation and support. That after some REAL scholarship and FACT finding, they might find reason to give pause and be concerned about the by product of unions, their affect on personal accountability, productivity, quality of work, innovation, and independent thought. To consider the impact Unions have had on us all in areas of manufacturing costs, education costs, the philosophy behind pay without work, tenure, unreasonable retirement and pensions, union lack of benefit contribution, forced enrollment and dues, their corrupting influence on our society as a whole, in politics, in honest negotiation, in fairness, and their socialistic cancers, the half truths, mistruths, and the out right lies that acutely corrupt unions leaders spread so readily out of sheer greed and power lust. It would be nice to think that those who are lining up to sign aren't really just another group of uninformed idealist pawns who the unions have succeeded in getting them to drink the "we are victims" UNION Kool-Aid, but instead are informed individuals who have taken the responsibility upon themselves to understand the whole picture and the astoundingly troubling issues surrounding unions, before personally endorsing yet another mob related UNION action, to unseat a legitimately elected official deigned so by the citizens by ballot, because he dared to conduct a long overdue challenge to a belligerent and self entitled UNION. An official who has voiced the overwhelming and long in coming cry of the people for union accountability.
My hope was there may even be some who question if UNION outcry is such a valid cause, then why do we witness so much union intimidation, union thuggery, bused in and paid union member protesters from other states, union supported politicians fleeing the state, documented union corruption, and fraud. But I have no such illusions. The ignorant lemmings will line up, with emotions high, wide eyed, self righteous and eager for all their fellow lemmings to see that they are standing up for some notion of justice, this weeks "cause", being the perfectly played uninformed pawns that the unions counted on to claim wide spread support for their "oh so legitimate" cause.
So before you cry much more about whether a university, any university, has the obligation to UNIONS to post their "SIGN-UP HERE-LEMMINGS FOR UNIONS" sign, maybe, just maybe, someone at the university thought about the notion of REAL justice, and felt that it was not serving real justice, real fairness by actively promoting the bidding of the UNION. Maybe, just maybe, lessons were learned when they took sides erroneously with a similar PRO UNION group called ACORN, and later came to see, like the UNION, what they REALLY were all about.

10:50 AM  

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