Marquette Warrior: Milwaukee Conservative Talk Radio to be Discussed on MPTV

Monday, January 02, 2012

Milwaukee Conservative Talk Radio to be Discussed on MPTV

It’s official.

Brien Farley’s documentary “Liberty or Lies” will be aired on Milwaukee Public Television at the end of January.

We were Farley’s academic adviser on the project, although in fact Farley is a seasoned broadcast professional who needed little advice or guidance.

Farley is himself rather conservative and favorably inclined toward conservative talk radio, but his documentary gives both the defenders and supporters of the genre plenty of time to state their case. It includes extensive interviews with all the local conservative talkers (Belling being the only exception) and equally extensive interviews with journalistic critics (Bruce Murphy and the late Tim Cuprisin, for example). and local political activists (Jay Heck of Common Cause and Chris Kliesmet of Citizens for Responsible Government, for example).

This will be a “must watch” show for anybody interested in local politics.

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