Marquette Warrior: The Solar Boondoggle in Germany

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Solar Boondoggle in Germany

From Der Spiegel, and account of how solar power has cost too much, and generated too little electricity.

That’s what happens when you get a whole cult around “green,” and nobody asks the tough cost/benefit questions.

It’s not that solar never makes any sense. It’s that political correctness never makes any sense.

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Blogger jimspice said...

You want some costs and benefits? Cost: a lot. Benefits: even more given the alternative should we keep pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The thing is, if the US was an early adopter, they'd have the ground-floor advantage. People like you do a double disservice; increasing the likelihood of environmental collapse, and decreasing the probability of US becoming a leader in avoiding such. But you go ahead and play that 3/97 split. History, and your grandchildren, will judge you harshly.

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