Marquette Warrior: Barack Obama: Anti-Israel

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Barack Obama: Anti-Israel

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Anonymous Thomas WOrtham said...

In the words of Bro. Gilbert Sinden, SSM, director of the curriculum at St. George's College in Jerusalem: "For I found myself living with a people [the Palestinians] to whom the simplest natural justic has been, and still is being, denied in order to do justice to another people to whom they have done so much less harm than the rest of us. . . . I thank God for Jewish friends who boldly tell their fellow Jews that the Palestinians deserve the same identity, security, dignity, and homeland that they themselves deserve; and for Palestinian friends who recognize the horrors of the Holocause and steadily seek a balance of the two kinds of justice the TWO PEOPLE each need, knowing perfectly well that this will mean real sacrifice on their part." In my opinion, the president has not done enough to ensure justice to both groups (the Palestinian Christians and Muslims as well as the Jews). Thomas Wortham, Marquette Class of 1965.

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