Marquette Warrior: Marquette Campus Leftists Attack Paul Ryan Budget

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marquette Campus Leftists Attack Paul Ryan Budget

Not news: a bunch of mostly leftist faculty recently signed a letter attacking Paul Ryan’s budget plan. The Journal-Sentinel puffed the story as though college faculty being liberal and opposed to Republicans really was news.

Now what is news: a majority of those faculty who signed the letter also signed petitions to recall Scott Walker, according to Entitlement Mentality Monitor.

In spite of the use of the language of Catholic social justice teaching, the impetus behind the letter was merely your standard liberal-left politics.

Although there were some exceptions (one person whose name was on the letter opposed the hiring of lesbian dean candidate Jodi O’Brien, and was attacked for it) the list of signers is laced with people who oppose Catholic teaching on abortion, oppose Catholic teaching on homosexuality, favor gay marriage, and only use the phrase “social justice” to promote a liberal political agenda.

One piece of evidence of this can be seen by comparing the list of people who signed the letter attacking Ryan with a letter signed by dozens of Marquette faculty in the wake of the refusal of Marquette to hire an outspoken lesbian (and opponent of Church teaching) as Dean of Arts and Sciences. Signing this letter were twenty of the same people who signed the anti-Ryan letter.

Indeed, the anti-Ryan letter was signed by faculty who are at the forefront of the gay lobby on campus, including Nancy Snow and Ed de St. Aubin. Indeed, if one omits eleven faculty in Theology who signed the anti-Ryan letter but not the pro-lesbian dean letter, almost half (20 of 41) of the faculty who signed the anti-Ryan letter also signed the pro-lesbian dean letter.

Add to this the fact that some Theology faculty who did not sign the lesbian dean letter are quite leftist and politically correct. Brian Massingale, for example, is a promoter of the notion of “white privilege,” a concept designed to guilt or intimidate whites into accepting a whole array of leftist policies — on pain of being labeled a defender of “white privilege.” Robert L. Masson likewise uses the same strategy in his classes to promote a narrow leftist policy agenda. In fact, Masson uses Massingale’s book in his class.

Which puts into perspective the claim of the anti-Ryan letter to be reflecting Catholic social teaching. At a place like Marquette, Catholic teaching is virtually always invoked to support a liberal agenda — more government programs, more social spending, more income redistribution — and virtually never to support a ban on abortion, or upholding heterosexual marriage.

The people who sign such letters, in other words, are (with a few exceptions) merely liberals or leftists. The “Catholic” stuff is just window dressing.

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Blogger Churchill's Parrot said...

But of course,most of these pro-Catholic professors wrote and signed a similar letter publicly condemning Senator...and part-time Marquette instructor... Russ Feingold for his endorsement of partial-birth abortion. Oh they didn't...because there was no such letter.

"Social Justice" is not a synonym for Catholic social teaching but a profoundly insideous perversion of it.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous scott said...

I tend to think that there's a lot of homophobic bigotry masquerading as religiosity among Catholics. The Church has a lot of positions on a lot of things, but one rarely sees these same folks protesting war or injustice.

Works both ways, doesn't it.

3:05 PM  
Blogger John McAdams said...

I tend to think that there's a lot of homophobic bigotry masquerading as religiosity among Catholics.

I tend to think there is a lot of anti-Christian bigotry masquerading as "tolerance" among secular people.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well at least the College of Engineering has only one looney. I am glad I didn't major in Theology :)

12:22 AM  

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