Marquette Warrior: George Zimmerman: Another Political Prosecution?

Friday, May 18, 2012

George Zimmerman: Another Political Prosecution?

A column by Alan Dershowitz in the New York Daily News:
A medical report by George Zimmerman’s doctor has disclosed that Zimmerman had a fractured nose, two black eyes, two lacerations on the back of his head and a back injury on the day after the fatal shooting. If this evidence turns out to be valid, the prosecutor will have no choice but to drop the second-degree murder charge against Zimmerman — if she wants to act ethically, lawfully and professionally.

There is, of course, no assurance that the special prosecutor handling the case, State Attorney Angela Corey, will do the right thing. Because until now, her actions have been anything but ethical, lawful and professional.

She was aware when she submitted an affidavit that it did not contain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She deliberately withheld evidence that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. The New York Times has reported that the police had “a full face picture” of Zimmerman, before paramedics treated him, that showed “a bloodied nose.” The prosecutor also had photographic evidence of bruises to the back of his head.

But none of this was included in any affidavit.

Now there is much more extensive medical evidence that would tend to support Zimmerman’s version of events. This version, if true, would establish self-defense even if Zimmerman had improperly followed, harassed and provoked Martin.

A defendant, under Florida law, loses his “stand your ground” defense if he provoked the encounter — but he retains traditional self-defense if he reasonably believed his life was in danger and his only recourse was to employ deadly force.

Thus, if Zimmerman verbally provoked Martin, but Martin then got on top of Zimmerman and banged his head into the ground, broke his nose, bloodied his eyes and persisted in attacking Zimmerman — and if Zimmerman couldn’t protect himself from further attack except by shooting Martin — he would have the right to do that. (The prosecution has already admitted that it has no evidence that Zimmerman started the actual fight.)

This is a fact-specific case, in which much turns on what the jury believes beyond a reasonable doubt. It must resolve all such doubts in favor of the defendant, because our system of justice insists that it is better for 10 guilty defendants to go free than for even one innocent to be wrongfully convicted.

You wouldn’t know that from listening to Corey, who announced that her jobs was “to do justice for Trayvon Martin” — not for George Zimmerman.

As many see it, her additional job is to prevent riots of the sort that followed the acquittal of the policemen who beat Rodney King.

Indeed, Mansfield Frazier, a columnist for the Daily Beast, has suggested that it is the responsibility of the legal system to “avert a large scale racial calamity.” He has urged Zimmerman’s defense lawyer to become a “savior” by brokering a deal to plead his client guilty to a crime that “has him back on the streets within this decade.”

But it is not the role of a defense lawyer to save the world or the country. His job — his only job — is to get the best result for his client, by all legal and ethical means.
So the argument is that Zimmerman needs to go to jail to keep black people from rioting. Or maybe to keep black gangs from beating up whites in retaliation.

This thus begins to look a bit like the Duke rape case, where an elected prosecutor, needing the votes of the local black community, brought charges against white Lacrosse players. The entire case collapsed.

The argument, of course, is demeaning to the majority of black people who — while understandably sensitive about racial injustice — don’t embrace a lynch mob mentality, and will accept the verdict of a fair legal process.

As for the minority of blacks who don’t think this way: they are what cops and riot police (and concealed carry) are for.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite the contrary.

The majority of the black community (and not all people of said community are black) are indeed prone to riot and vicious racial violence.

Black mob attacks against white and asian bystanders are commonplace - have been for years but they picked up in intensity after 2008.

There are literally thousands of videos circulating around the web, many of them posted by the black flash mobs themselves, stealing beating, looting or murdering whites and a few asians at will.

In spite of this decades-long epidemic, the media choose not to report on it. Whenever they do, it's usually covered in code to hide the racial motivations behind the attack and the identity of the attacker and victim (especially their race).

A few examples:

A few points:

A) This kind of behavior from blacks is pretty commonplace.

B) Zimmerman stated that Trayvon attacked him with the same unprovoked mendacity in the original police report.

C) The reports try to obfuscate the motivations and racial identities of the attacker and victims. With a little digging, it's not hard to find...local communities and forums eventually find out.

D) Like I said, these videos and stories are legion. Every community has a backlog list of attacks and racially-motivated murders. Some are as "tame" as a single black attacking a white child half his size and stealing his bike. Others are as gruesome as three armed blacks in Utah who gang-raped a white teenage couple, mutilated their bodies, executed them, then mutilated their corpses.

D) You know this and are pretending ignorance.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and once again, these and other brutal race-related crimes have been going on since long before Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman. In Zimmerman's case, he's just fortunate that Trayvon's dead and that he's not.

Zimmerman may be being persucted but he's alive and he'll be acquitted.

It's not a question of whether, but when, he'll be acquitted. In fact, the greatest determining factor is the prosecutor who doesn't want to see the acquittal until AFTER the election.

12:32 AM  

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