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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Attack on Palermo’s: More

From Ethan Hollenberger on the website of the Young America’s Foundation:

A discussion of the student leftist’s demonstration against Palermo’s Pizza at the Bradley Center on Saturday. The demonstration was mounted by Youth Empowered in Struggle, a recognized Marquette student group.

The basic agenda is to bully the pizza company into recognizing a union. The claimed grievance: the company fired 75 workers when they could not prove they were in the country legally. And Palermo’s didn’t do this just to spite the workers. They doubtless would have preferred not to hassle them. But they were under an immigration audit by federal authorities.

It is, in this country, illegal to hire illegals. The law isn’t well enforced, but when it finally is enforced, a company better comply.

As Hollenberger notes:
The liberal students are looking to destroy a business that has spent supporting the local community, not to mention the students at Marquette University. Palermo’s was vindicated by the NLRB in November, and as of now, Marquette is sticking with Palermo’s.
It’s terribly revealing that the pro-union forces have to resort to trying to blackmail Palermo’s by staging a boycott, and trying to pressure politically correct institutions (as universities usually are) to enlist in the jihad.

If a majority of employees actually wanted to join a union, the union could win a representation election held with a secret ballot among workers. But they apparently can’t do that. So the real issue is not support for the workers, it’s support for union bosses, who want to coerce people into joining — and paying dues.

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