Marquette Warrior: Democratic Party Smear Against Scott Walker Debunked

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Democratic Party Smear Against Scott Walker Debunked

The left in Wisconsin is particularly nasty. Maybe it has something to do with the concentration of leftists in Madison, or maybe it’s the labor tradition in Wisconsin, which is now decaying and leaving a bunch of bitter people.

Exhibit One of this bitterness has been the willingness of leftists to smear Republican Governor Scott Walker. Not merely to disagree (even vehemently) with his policies, but to flat out lie about him as a person, and his history.

Thus we have what was, until very recently, the “Walker bio” on the State Democratic website. It claims that Walker “was kicked out of elections at Marquette after masterminding a scheme scheme that destroyed newspapers critical of him” and that “Walker either dropped out or was forced out not long thereafter.”

One of our liberal colleagues, apparently accepting this, has assured us that Walker was kicked out of Marquette.

Dave Umhoefer of the Journal-Sentinel has investigated this for Politifact.

First finding: Scott Walker was never kicked out or forced out of Marquette.
We heard nothing and found no evidence suggesting Walker was pushed out of the university.

But publicly available documents cannot fully resolve the question, in part because a federal privacy law blocks release of information on former students unless the person consents. In addition, Walker told us he was sticking to an earlier decision not to release his transcript.

With that in mind, we asked Walker if he would allow Marquette to comment on his academic and conduct record. He did.

“Gov. Scott Walker was a student at Marquette from fall of 1986 until spring 1990 and was a senior in good standing when he voluntarily withdrew from Marquette,” the university said in a statement.

That means that no conduct issues, academic or otherwise, blocked Walker from continuing in school at the time of his departure, MU spokesman Brian Dorrington told us in early December 2013.

When we asked Dorrington whether any conduct issues were on Walker’s earlier school record, he said Walker would have to permit release of that information. Walker did so in response to our request.

“Governor Walker was in good standing each term while he was enrolled at Marquette University and when he left Marquette University,” Associate Vice Provost Anne Deahl said in a letter. “Governor Walker was not expelled or suspended from the university at any time.”

Finally, there’s another problem with the Democratic Party’s claims.
According to MU, Walker left school after the spring semester in 1990. That’s more than two years after the 1988 election, instead of the “not long after” the Dems claim.
One claim that can’t be decisively debunked is that Walker and/or his supporters stole copies of a Marquette Tribune issue with an editorial endorsing Walker’s opponent in a student government election. No records exist to debunk that claim, but no records exist to support that claim either. Umhoefer found no evidence that Walker had done that.

Further, as the above statements from Marquette show, no conduct or academic issues prevented Walker from completing his Marquette degree. The now-current version of the Democratic Party website has this claim removed while still being as nasty as it can possibly be. It has dropped the “forced out” [of Marquette] claim, but still has the “masterminded” claim.

Umhoefer does make a bit of an issue about somewhat inconsistent explanations Walker has given about why he did not return to Marquette and complete his degree. In reality, none of this is terribly damning, since in broad terms it’s clear why he didn’t: a lot was going on in his life, and school was not a top priority. When people recount their own motives and thinking, any account may be imprecise, since a lot of different thoughts and ideas go through people’s minds.

How sleazy was the Democratic Party in all this?
Mike Tate, chairman of the state Democrats, told us the party based its post on unnamed sources who he said had privately passed on information about possible “nefarious activity” that Tate did not describe.

Those parties would be reluctant to talk to a reporter, he said. The allegation is defensible, said Tate, because the party is trying to raise questions about the “mystery” of Walker’s departure.

That’s a flimsy case, at best. At worst, it suggests a possible fictional smear.
But “raising questions” by telling (or recklessly repeating) bald faced lies is out of bounds.

Just why is Mike Tate still employed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin?

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Blogger Billiam said...

"Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth." Truth doesn't matter to people who seem to have sold their souls to satisfy their hunger for power over others. They are people with no shame, no honor. Their hate filled souls shining for all to see.

7:01 AM  
Blogger  C.K. Dingus Fathelswaite III said...

An excerpt from the form nominating Scott Walker for an honorary degree at Marquette:

"In 1986, Walker was accepted to Marquette University. During his four years here he was very active in student life and participated in numerous leadership opportunities including as a member of the College Republicans, vice-chair of the Westside Republicans, president of Marquette Students for Life, group discussion leader for the New Student Orientation program and senator in the Associated Students at Marquette University now the Marquette University Student Government.
By his senior year, Walker was triple majoring in political science, economics and philosophy; working for IBM as an account administrator and Helfaer Recreation Center as a building supervisor; and planning a run for the Wisconsin State Assembly.
When a full-time financial development specialist position at the Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the American Red Cross was made available to him later that year, however, Walker decided to take the opportunity and leave Marquette—36 credits shy of a degree. This also allowed him time to focus on his true passion: his assembly race against Gwen Moore. He lost."

Wonder how Mikle Tate's college record stacks up in comparison?

2:12 PM  
Blogger KeynesianPacker said...

28% of Republican primary voters in 2012 knew that Obama was born in the United States (source: But those mean Democrats with their "hate filled souls" dare to question Walker's academic bona fides. Give me a break. Sure, Democrats don't like Scott Walker, and they might even "smear" him from time to time, but it does not come close to the vitriol toward Obama that pervades today's GOP base.

7:09 PM  

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