Marquette Warrior: Anti-Christian Bigotry in Canada

Friday, July 04, 2014

Anti-Christian Bigotry in Canada


Blogger Ulisse Di Bartolomei said...

After the arrival of Jesus, the philosophers or "ethical innovative", had to
compare with him. For some was ally, for others neutral and for other an
insurmountable obstacle. History testifies that the harshest competitors didn't
have the hoped fortunes, but they picked up the blame of the posterity that
from their ambitions inherited only ruin. They built the own life purpose by
discrediting Jesus and contributing to the worse anti-Semitism. For Hebrews
their death began a suffering path long two millennium and the Marxism, guilty
to have tried "to kill him" conceptually, has been also theirs worse
promoter of image. The "guru" Korean Sun Myung Moon, is their
emulator of the twentieth century, stretched out in the attempt to rise as
fulcrum of history in age sprinkled of hopes and disappointments and anxious of
new myths! In this book you found analysis and evaluations on characters that
even though lived in very distant historical moments, are similar in purpose
and in the immoderate ambition to replace the Christ.

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