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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Worst Job Description Ever

One of our students recently sent us a request for a recommendation (which we will happily provide) and a description of the job for which he’s applying. Here it is:
Position Summary

As a project manager, you’ll work side by side with our customers to install our software, help them to lead and manage change, and ultimately transform the way they provide healthcare for about 50% of Americans. Project managers develop creative strategies to achieve a common end goal while collaborating with smart and innovative colleagues from all roles. Customers will see you as the face of Epic, and you’ll form long-lasting relationships with your teams. No two days are the same - you’ll never stop learning and growing. You’ll have the autonomy to make important decisions while receiving support and guidance along the way. You bring your intelligence, creativity and curiosity; we’ll teach you the rest.
So the question is: what kind of project does this “project manager” manage? What will the project manager actually do? OK, manage a project. But does the person get to hire and fire people? Does the manager have any say-so over the budget? Does “autonomy to make important decisions” include those things?  How is he going to “transform healthcare?”

Hopefully, our student will find out.

But we would have severe reservations about working for any organization that writes such vacuous prose.

But then, we do work for Marquette University.

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