Marquette Warrior: Student Suspended for Saying Black Girls Not “Hot”

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Student Suspended for Saying Black Girls Not “Hot”

From the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., December 7, 2015—Colorado College has suspended and banned a student from campus for nearly two years in response to a comment intended as a joke on the anonymous social media application Yik Yak.

In November 2015, Thaddeus Pryor sent an anonymous reply to the comment “#blackwomenmatter” on Yik Yak. Pryor’s response read, “They matter, they’re just not hot.” On November 20, Colorado College found that Pryor’s post violated its “Abusive Behavior” and “Disruption of College Activities” policies and suspended him from the college until August 28, 2017. In the meantime, the college has banned Pryor from setting foot on campus and has forbidden him from taking classes at other institutions for academic credit. Pryor has appealed his suspension.
Apparently, at Colorado College, merely expressing a subjective opinion about sexual attraction is a thoughtcrime, and can be severely punished.

Could something like this happen at Marquette? Most certainly. The new rules make it clear that students can be punished for postings on social media, and further that any vaguely defined “antipathy” to a racial group can be punished.

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