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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Marquette Warrior at CPAC

This coming weekend, we will be on the program at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Here is the official description:

Panel Objective

The objective of this panel is to show how liberals in the federal government, state government and private institutions are manipulating the laws, regulations, and rules to prevent conservatives from having a voice.

Panel Title

● Locking You Up, Shutting You Up & Shutting You Down: The Left’s End Game


● Janet Riorden, Bradley Foundation (Moderator)
● Catherine Engelbrecht, True the Vote
● John McAdams, Marquette University and Marquette Warrior Blog
● Rick Esenberg, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty

Event Location

● Chesapeake 3-4, Gaylord National Resort
● Saturday, March 5th, 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

Engelbrecht, of True the Vote, heads one of those organizations which was the target of the IRS, which refused to give it tax exempt status, part of a partisan attack on conservative organizations.

We, of course, will talk about the attempt of Marquette to fire us, and therefore shut up our criticism of political correctness at Marquette.

Esenburg, in addition to being our lawyer in dealing with Marquette, will talk about Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisholm’s John Doe “investigation.” In fact, the “investigation” was a campaign of harassment aimed at Wisconsin conservative organizations, based on a legal theory that was not merely questionable, but downright nonexistent.

As the program shows, pretty much everybody who is anybody in the world of conservative politics will be there. Our somewhat skeptical political scientist’s view is that CPAC is just a big conservative pep rally. But why not be a cultural anthropologist, and scope out the culture?

We, in fact, are very much looking forward to it.

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