Marquette Warrior: George Orwell in Academia

Sunday, April 03, 2016

George Orwell in Academia

From National Review:
There’s nothing like a good show trial to build confidence in the academy’s commitment to academic freedom. Marquette University is demanding that embattled professor John McAdams apologize for criticizing a colleague as a condition for keeping his job. And what outrage did McAdams commit? He tried to protect the academic freedom and free speech of conservative students:
On November 2014, McAdams, a tenured associate professor of political science, posted an entry on his Marquette Warrior blog describing a recorded conversation between an undergraduate student and the instructor for his “Theory of Ethics” philosophy course. The instructor, Cheryl Abbate, was recorded telling the student that the expression of certain opinions in class was inappropriate because those opinions may be considered offensive to other listeners. Abbate specifically cited the student’s stated opposition to same-sex marriage as a problem.

Abbate’s actions were criticized by readers of McAdams’ blog entry, and her alleged actions received widespread attention from national media. In response, Richard C. Holz, dean of Marquette’s Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, suspended McAdams.
You read that correctly. Rather than discipline the instructor who silenced a conservative student, the university suspended the whistleblower. Now it’s reportedly extending the suspension through the fall 2016 semester and demanding that he apologize as a condition of returning to work. My former colleagues at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) are right to label the forced apology “an age-old inquisitorial tactic used to violate freedom of conscience through compelled speech.”

McAdams — to his immense credit — is not backing down. Here’s his response:
The addition of a demand that we abase ourself and issue an apology and sign a loyalty oath to vaguely defined “guiding values” and to the University’s “mission” is obviously a ploy by Marquette to give the administration an excuse to fire us. They have calculated, correctly, that we will do no such thing.
I would say that it’s astonishing that a Catholic university punish a professor for defending the right of students to advocate the church’s teaching on marriage, but politically correct nonsense is par for the course even (especially) at many religious colleges. McAdams should be applauded — and supported — for his lonely, courageous stand.
It’s not actually so lonely, since quite a lot of people have rallied to our defense. Significantly, only very few people in academia have publicly defended us. The intimidation factor is huge. Conservatives in academia are used to keeping their heads down.

Ordinary Americans are a different matter. We are routinely stopped in the street to be commended and encouraged by complete strangers. The American citizens outside academia are a pretty tolerant bunch.

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Blogger tz said...

Only because you oppose Donald Trump.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Reader said...

Thank you very much for resisting unabated lunacy, now rampant in academia. Found out about this via WND. I also teach at a "midlevel" (cough, cough) university. And I know that I have to keep my head down. I am not looking for trouble, but if it finds me, I won't back down either.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Kirby Olson said...

I am in academia and have tried to help. I am a Lutheran, so I have to stand for your right to speak.

5:09 PM  

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