Marquette Warrior: Having a Good Time

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Having a Good Time

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Blogger dave_WI said...

Hello Professor McAdams,

I'm not sure if you have much of a connection with Marquette University anymore but I came across a new program called 'Heterodox University'; you might already know of it. If you know anybody who could get this introduced into the Student Government maybe this could help bring Marquette back to the university that it once was.

Just an aside. I went to Gesu Grade School in the early 50's and was an Altar Boy, my mass schedule was between 5:00 and 8:30 before school. I have fond memories of the amount of young students who attended mass at those hours. There were more Professor Priests saying mass than there were altar boys, so when a priest came out without an altar boy there was always a young man that would come up to the Altar to help the Priests. I sure wish there was more students like that today. Maybe there are but they are not being heard.

Thanks for not going away silently. Best Wishes.
David Obst

12:56 PM  

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