Marquette Warrior: Warrior Blogger Awarded for Being “Unintimidated”

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Warrior Blogger Awarded for Being “Unintimidated”

On Wisconsin Watchdog, an article about an award we will be getting Friday night. Some selected quotes:
Embattled Marquette University Professor John McAdams will be receiving the inaugural “Unintimidated Award” at the annual RightWisconsin dinner Friday for standing up to the administration at Marquette University and refusing to apologize for criticizing another instructor’s shutting down of free speech.

“Well, it’s nice,” McAdams said in an interview. “I’d rather be back teaching at Marquette than getting an award, but it’s nice.”

. . .

“I’m actually there with important people,” McAdams said, “while I’m getting an award for offending Marquette administrators.”

. . .

“The secular people always said, Catholic institutions are very parochial. I think there is a kind of parochialism. But it’s parochialism in the service of a secular politically correct agenda, not a Catholic agenda,” McAdams said.

And he took issue with the university president’s conception of the university’s purpose.

“Michael Lovell said I have done something contrary to Marquette’s guiding principles. I think he really believes that,” McAdams said. “I think he believes the guiding value is everything is nice and cozy, and no one criticizes anyone. That is a tremendously parochial notion of what a university should be.”
We are looking forward to it. We even have the tux ordered.

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