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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Academic Rogues Gallery

From Turning Point USA, a conservative student group that has been moderately active on the Marquette campus, a website devoted to rather extreme leftist professors: a Professor Watchlist.

Although we have not checked every entry, the few entries we checked were well-sourced.

Of course, academic freedom gives professors the right to be crazy leftists. But it also gives student organizations the right to call them out. Free speech as an anecdote to academic freedom abused.

But academic freedom does not give professors the right to verbally abuse students. Nor does it give them the right to censor students’ speech by punishing them for using terms like “illegal alien,” or “male,” or “female,” as one intolerant professor did.

At Marquette

Two Marquette professors show up on the list. One is Debra Oswald, who has inveighed against dads treating their young daughters like . . . girls.

We have blogged about Oswald’s course on prejudice, which is . . . prejudiced.

The other malefactor is Arts & Sciences Dean Rick Holz, who is taken to task for his attempt to fire this blogger.

At Marquette

This site is an encouraging example of student activism. Political correctness can be countered only by students who are willing to push back loudly and aggressively. It takes a lot of guts to do that, given that the campus left can be vicious, and given that campus bureaucrats are solidly behind the intolerant left. But it can be done.

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