Marquette Warrior: Pro-Trump versus Anti-Trump Violence in the Wake of the Election

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pro-Trump versus Anti-Trump Violence in the Wake of the Election

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential election, liberals have gone utterly bonkers. A few have seriously asked whether their party has somehow gone wrong and suffered the electoral consequences. But many more have simply produced a bunch of excuses such as “fake news” or Russian meddling in the election.

And worse, they have claimed that newly empowered Trump supporters have gone on a rampage, attacking members of all their favored victim groups. “Reports of Racist Attacks Surge After Trump Win” one headline screamed.

It’s difficult to know how often this has happened, since:
  1. People who keep track of such things usually have a liberal bias,
  2. It’s sometimes hard to know whether a real assault was provoked by politics, or something else — there are two examples below.
  3. Many of these incidents have been faked by people with a liberal agenda, knowing that sympathetic media will eat up their account
Two things are clear, however.

First, there have been many faked incidents, committed by anti-Trump people and blamed on pro-Trump people.

Second, there have been many violent attacks by leftists on pro-Trump people.

First, bogus claims of attacks by pro-Trump people:
Now, violent attacks on Trump supporters (or supposed Trump supporters):
The libertarian Reason Magazine runs down, and debunks a bunch of reports, and attempts to put the whole thing in perspective.

Media outlets, of course, report news that fits their favored narrative. This applies to the New York Times and CNN, but it also applies to the conservative outlets we have linked to above. So as noted, there is no hard data on the actual number of pro-Trump assaults as opposed to anti-Trump assaults.

But the reader might ask himself or herself: which side has been most emotional? Which side has staged enraged protests that devolved into riots. Indeed, which side has gone on YouTube expressing extreme emotion about the outcome of the election? The answer to those questions is clear.

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