Marquette Warrior: College Journalist Bigots Pounded on Twitter

Friday, April 21, 2017

College Journalist Bigots Pounded on Twitter

We blogged about this: the editorial board of a trendy, tony, expensive leftist college demanded that speakers they don’t like be forbidden to speak, and that “hostility” should greet those who express unapproved views.

But outside a campus newsroom, where a larger group of Americans gets a voice (as on Twitter), views like this don’t go over well.

You’ll have to click on the blank white space in the embedded Tweet below to see responses (or click here).


We left a critical comment in response to the original Wellesley News editorial. We said (first quoting the article, and then responding):
>>> Rather, we are not referring to those who have already had the incentive to learn and should have taken the opportunities to do so. <<<

I see. People who disagree with your leftist, politically correct intolerant views need to be punished. So ironic that people who talk about “hate speech” always turn out to be the real haters.
After four days, our comment has not been approved. And neither has any other.

So we wrote the editor of the Wellesley News, and asked the following:
Why aren’t you approving comments on your editorial saying that politically incorrect views should be censored at your college?

Is it that you got really pounded, and are trying to conceal that fact?
The e-mail quickly bounced with the following error message:
<editor""> :
Remote host does not like recipient Remote host said: 550-Sorry. Mailbox full. You tried to send mail to 550-Unfortunately the mail box of this user is full. Try to contact the owner.
It is fair enough that the editors of the Wellesley News are getting pounded, although we hope most of the messages are reasonably civil (as the responses on Twitter [see above] are). But if the little leftist snowflakes are learning that the issue of free speech looks different outside their narrow campus environment, that’s a lesson they need to learn.

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