Marquette Warrior: Yale: Students “Of Color” Turned Into Arrogant Bullies By Liberal Pandering

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Yale: Students “Of Color” Turned Into Arrogant Bullies By Liberal Pandering

It was all over the news last year: leftist activists at Yale were incensed by an e-mail sent out by the wife of a Yale house master suggesting that the university should not be trying to dictate to students what sort of Halloween costumes they should wear.

The house master, one Nicholas Christakis, was bullied by students, and eventually caved in, offering an abject apology, and resigning as house master.

We just had a Twitter exchange with him, in which he denied he apologized. But in fact he did.

But for a sickening exhibition of the bullying he was subjected to, check out this article. It has a series of videos showing in excruciating detail how Christakis, rather than calling out and refuting the arrogant claims the students made of being “hurt,” panders to the students.

Christakis is a well-meaning liberal who thinks he is for free expression on campus. But he is simply unwilling to stand up for free expression when faced with the irate demands of racial minorities. He even begs for absolution by telling a black female student that he’s a leftist who agrees with her racial grievances.

While intolerant leftists on college faculties are a big part of the problem, liberals like Christakis are the enablers of both the intolerant faculty leftists and the intolerant student activists.

It’s hard not to conclude he got the treatment he deserved.

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