Marquette Warrior: Marquette Buys Google Ad to Attack Warrior Blogger

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Marquette Buys Google Ad to Attack Warrior Blogger

Marquette, knowing they have been taking a public relations beating over their attempt to fire this blogger, has bought a Google ad to point people to their biased and selective page of “resources” on our case.

We do not know how much they are paying per “click through,” but the top position in a Google search does not come cheap.

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This ad may not show on every Google search, since even Marquette, which has paid well up into six figures in legal fees in an attempt to fire us, may not have set the “budget” high enough to show on every search. But then, they might raise it.

After all, the money doesn’t come from the pockets of the bureaucrats trying to fire us. It comes from students’ tuition money, and perhaps from endowment given by alumni who thought they were giving to improve the educational experience for students.


One utterly libelous thing Marquette has posted is the claim that we “doxed” the instructor about whom we posted, one Cheryl Abbate.  Abbate, remember,  told an undergraduate that he was not allowed to express opposition to gay marriage in class since it would be “homophobic” and would “offend” any gay students in class.

“Doxing” is defined as follows:
To dox someone is “to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge.”
We, of course, did no such thing. Rather, we linked to Abbate’s toxic feminist essay “Yes All Men… Contribute to the Prevalence of Rape,” published on her blog. If somebody dug around her blog, they could have found her e-mail address.

But just how is an e-mail address somebody publishes on their own blog “private information?”

Marquette, quite simply, is lying about this.

But that increasingly characterizes their jihad against this blogger. Marquette has falsely claimed that Abbate received threats. They claimed that Abbate had to leave Marquette because of our blog post.

The real impetus for the jihad was our several years of exposing misconduct at the University, and revealing the multiple ways Marquette has trashed its supposed “Catholic identity.”

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Blogger ThomistCat said...

In her classes, gay marriage couldn’t be discussed because homosexuals present might be embarrassed or uncomfortable. But given the nature of her essay, wasn’t she concerned that men reading it would feel embarrassed or uncomfortable?

4:42 PM  
Blogger studz said...

I am 100% behind McAdams claim.

3:26 PM  

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