Marquette Warrior: Play “White Privilege” to be presented by Marquette Theatre

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Play “White Privilege” to be presented by Marquette Theatre

On a University announcements page:
MILWAUKEE —Marquette Theatre will present White Privilege at the Evan P. & Marion Helfaer Theatre Aug. 31–Sept. 2.

Marquette Theatre student Malaina Moore invites audiences of any and every race to join the nationwide conversation and consider how interactions with students, teachers, parents, friends, and even strangers are influenced by race and how the color of one’s skin can lead to a very different experience of the world.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, since white Marquette students tell me they are frequently berated about their “white privilege.”

In reality, far and away the most important form of “white privilege” is that most white kids have a daddy, and most black kids don’t. Is that whitey’s fault? Has racism made black males unable to be husbands and fathers? In 1955, 20.2 percent of black kids were born out of wedlock, and in 1920 is was 12.5 percent. How is it that black males could be husbands and fathers under Jim Crow, but can’t now.

The next most important form of white privilege is that whites tend to live in safe neighborhoods, and blacks in unsafe ones. Is this whitey’s fault? FBI homicide data show blacks, about 13 percent of the population, are almost half of all homicide victims. And who is killing all these black people? Other black people.

Of course a fair number of whites have some negative stereotypes about black people. A lot of them reflect the reality of the black community: out of wedlock births, crime, school dropouts, welfare dependency, and so on. Anybody who acts on these stereotypes (rather than judging people on their merit) is discriminatory. However popular measures of “implicit bias” are simply not correlated with behavior.

But then there is a huge amount of affirmative action discrimination against whites. So it’s ironic when black students, who got into selective colleges due to affirmative action, lecture white students about “white privilege.”

One source of racial hostility on the part of whites may be whites’ annoyance at race hustling blacks berating them about their “white privilege.”

The Point of the Accusation

The whole point of talk about “white privilege” is to guilt whites into supporting a standard leftist racial agenda. But if the guilting does not work, bullying soon follows.

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