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Friday, September 28, 2018

Blow Up the Process


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The Kavanaugh nomination debate shows the minimal levels of research, political and legal knowledge, and logic most journalist and commentators used to report and opine. I was impressed by the testimony of Dr. Ford and then Judge Kavanaugh. The 5 minute interrogations by Atty. Mitchell and her summary made clear that all substantive evidence supported the Kavanagh testimony. This is supported by the additional weight of at least 7 FBI background checks. Kavanaugh was not in his youth or on the bench a pass out drunk who abused women. He was an upper middle class, prep school and Ivy league, beltway, conservative Roman Catholic, "white" male Republican nominated by "The Donald." The fixation with two terms in his year book ( devil's triangle and boofed) have never been researched by any organizations as to their usage in middle Atlantic Catholic prep schools in 1982.what about O.E.D.,D.A.R.E, American Slang Dictionary, or even the ubiquitous "preppy" slang books circa 1982? Perhaps Muffy and Chas can recall from the Hamptons or Palm Beach. I am from that era and do recall from my Catholic slang that "devil's triangle" referred to the "Danger zone" of the female anatomy when not referring to the Bermuda triangle. I am sure this denotation was not universal then or now. What I am saying is do historical, etymological, and unbiased research instead of using crowd sourced research of the 2000,s that are a full generation tardy.

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