Marquette Warrior: Just Another Example: Intelligence Bureaucrats Spying on Trump

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Just Another Example: Intelligence Bureaucrats Spying on Trump

At the bottom of the first page of this memo (page 6 of the PDF document) Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Rod Rosenstein proposed wearing a recording device into the Oval Office to spy on President Trump, since “he was not searched when he entered the White House.”

This is Rosenstein’s conversation with Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Not that it hasn’t long been obvious, but government bureaucrats were doing all they could to undermine Trump.

The pretext was “Russian collusion,” but the real reason was the aversion of the “Deep State” to a candidate (and then president) who might upset a lot of apple carts.

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Blogger thekahoona said...

I have long said that if you are a Conservative, your enemy is not the Liberal. If you are a Liberal, your enemy is not the Conservative.

The citizens of this country, regardless of political stripe, have a common enemy. The bloated, unelected bureaucracy at almost every level of government, but most dangerously, at the Federal level - is that enemy.

Our Congress has been ceding authority to them for decades. They now conceive, implement and enforce policy with zero accountability. Our Congress has gone so far as to allow Federal agencies to make law and enforce it - and the only way an agency policy can be undone is with an act of Congress. In other words, Congress is outsourcing legislation AND execution - then saying they'll provide quality control after the fact.

The bureaucracy is the single greatest threat to our Republic. It needs to be cut back to the nub.

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