Marquette Warrior: Shorewood, Wisconsin, Racist Hellhole?

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Shorewood, Wisconsin, Racist Hellhole?

The small, very liberal suburb of Shorewood has been in the news recently, as a resident has been charged with spitting on a black Shorewood High student during a recent protest.

You can read the details at the link.

What is interesting, however, is that the article in the Journal-Sentinel makes Shorewood out to be a rather racist place.

The School Superintendent, one Bryan Davis, denounced the behavior of the woman who spit on the student, saying it “exposed the horrific, overt racism that still exists in our community” and the incident was an “appalling display of racial hatred.”

And then we have:
Shorewood School Board President Paru Shah said the school board has heard from many students over the years that discrimination is a problem within the Shorewood community.

“We know from listening to our students over the last five years that what happened to Eric was not an isolated incident in our community,” Shah said. “They have told us that they feel fearful, unwelcome and unwanted in Shorewood.”
Of course, in 2016 Shorewood voted 77% for Hillary Clinton, and 17% for Donald Trump, with the rest of the votes scattered.

So is this liberal suburb a hotbed of hypocrisy, voting liberally and masking racist attitudes. Or are these virtue signalling leftists, who demean their own schools and their own community in order to be politically correct?

More Complicated

The actual video of the spitting incident shows the woman, Stephanie Rapkin, was being harassed and intimidated by a mob of protesters, and that the young man she spat on was charging her.  He put his hands together to scream at her.

The young man, one Eric Patrick Lucas, was portrayed as a hero in the Journal-Sentinel story.

Rapkin is also seen being manhandled by the mob after the spitting incident.

Is this, perhaps, another case like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown where the mainstream have latched onto a preferred racial narrative, and omitted key facts?

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