Marquette Warrior: What Nations Are Worst Hit By Corona Virus?

Saturday, June 13, 2020

What Nations Are Worst Hit By Corona Virus?

From the New York Post and Statista, and obviously subject to change as the pandemic ebbs (hopefully) and some places, and waxes (probably) in others.

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These data are worth seeing because the Trump-hating leftists want to blame COVID deaths on Trump. So of course they report that the US has the largest absolute number of deaths.

But that’s not relevant. Larger countries are going to have more cases, even if the probability of any random person getting the virus is the same. It’s cold comfort that fewer of your countrymen are getting the disease than Americans if more of the people you know are getting it. And if you have a greater chance of getting it.

So if Trump somehow could have reacted earlier and done something to reduce the death count, why didn’t leaders of these European nations act earlier and do something to reduce their death count?

The answer, of course, is that this is all Monday morning quarterbacking, and it took a while for politicians — Democrat and Republican, American and European — to realize the severity of what their countries faced.

These countries are all advanced industrial democracies, so one might ask about less developed nations. The simple answer is that the virus has spread in places with high population density, and places where there is a lot of travel with the outside world. That’s why New York was hit so early and so hard. It’s also why states in the northern Great Plains have been hit less hard.

And, of course, outside the politicized world of Trump hatred — and Trump support — the key decisions have been made by governors and mayors who imposed lock-downs, closed businesses, imposed rules on social distancing, and so on.

Whether those rules have been too strict in some cases — or indeed whether America is opening up too soon — will be a source of continual debate.

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Blogger KeynesianPacker said...

This was never a serious post. You compared countries that were hit earlier than the US, and thus had less time to prepare. Still, I'm curious if you'd like to provide an update on how things are going here relative to other developed countries.

9:23 AM  
Blogger John McAdams said...

And interesting question is why you want to claim the US has been hit harder than elsewhere.

Could it be you want to blame it all on Donald Trump? Eh?

As for right now:
Deaths Per Million pop.
United Kingdom 46,119 693.6
Spain 28,445 608.8
Peru 19,021 594.6
Italy 35,141 581.5
United States 156,701 479.0

As for US states:
deaths per. Mil. Pop.
New Jersey 15,897 1,789.8
New York 32,762 1,684.1
Connecticut 4,432 1,243.1
Massachusetts 8,609 1,238.8
Michigan 6,450 645.8
Illinois 7,692 607.0
Pennsylvania 7,281 568.7
Florida 6,843 318.6
Texas 6,998 241.3


6:44 PM  
Blogger KeynesianPacker said...

How about you make a new post with updated numbers?

1:05 PM  

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