Marquette Warrior: Trump Supporting Student Will Not Be Cancelled From Marquette Freshman Class

Monday, July 06, 2020

Trump Supporting Student Will Not Be Cancelled From Marquette Freshman Class

It was an outrageous case of intolerant political correctness: a bunch of leftists, at least some of them Marquette students, tried to get the admission of one Samantha Pfefferle cancelled because of her support of Donald Trump, her rejection of open borders and unwillingness to accept transgender ideology.

This morning, she got the follow e-mail from the Marquette Dean of Admissions:
Dear Samantha,

Yes, I received the letter from your attorney after reaching out to you this morning. To confirm, your status as an incoming first-year student at Marquette has not changed. Our goal in a follow-up conversation was to check in with you, to discuss the additional threatening posts you have received, and to ensure you were clear that your status has not changed.

Brian Troyer
Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Marquette University
It would be nice to believe that the Marquette Administration acted in good faith on this. Unfortunately, the fact that the Admissions office subjected her to a hostile interrogation when the demands from the leftist mob should have been summarily dismissed, and the fact that they took almost two weeks to inform her that she had not been kicked out, both suggest that they had their finger to the wind.

Did they view pandering to the hostility of the leftist mob as the safest course, or did they, once this issue blew up on conservative talk radio and Facebook, decide that blow back from kicking her out was more dangerous?

Hiring a lawyer is usually a good idea, but the above message sounds like Admissions reached out to her to tell her she had not been cancelled before getting the letter from the lawyer.

Regardless, her willingness to fight the forces of political correctness gave her a great victory.

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