Marquette Warrior: Marquette College Republicans on Student Whose Admission Was Threatened Over Conservative Opinions

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Marquette College Republicans on Student Whose Admission Was Threatened Over Conservative Opinions

From Marquette’s College Republicans on the attempt — which Marquette was seriously considering acceding to — to boot a student from the 2020 freshman class because of her conservative opinions.

The Marquette College Republicans want to commend our University for upholding their mission in the search of truth and discovery of knowledge by maintaining their decision regarding Samantha Pfefferle’s acceptance to Marquette this Fall. While, in the end, administrators made the correct decision, the way events transpired continues to concern our members. Our club has a standing offer that if people disagree with our points of view, they are welcome to attend any club meeting or event to discuss those disagreements. Instead of pursuing this appropriate course of action, emboldened upperclassmen (those meant to embody tolerance and maturity) mischaracterized and slandered one of our own. More concerning is the feeling that our school’s administration gave these schoolyard bullies legitimacy by forcing Samantha to defend conservative thought in an intimidating setting (outnumbered and answering trap questions) with the threat of university rejection looming. What transpired was unacceptable and must not be the procedure when conservative students share their views.

Marquette, as an institution of higher learning, has the responsibility of encouraging diversity of thought, not just skin color or ethnicity. It cannot endorse intellectual intolerance and certainly not partake in Cancel Culture. Our club members deserve the ability to share their views without the fear of an inquisition by our administration or threats of harm by fellow students. Marquette must stand strong against any threats of violence towards any student, including Samantha. We seek only equal treatment and equal respect.

This affair highlights that too many people continue to misunderstand, willingly or unwillingly, our club’s intentions and opinions; but, while those who slander and threaten our members want us to retreat from our views, this matter will only strengthen our resolve and our mission. We believe great institutions like Marquette should be proud of diverse opinions, as well as people, and we hope our fellow students, faculty members, administrators and alumni feel the same way too.

-The Marquette University College Republicans
This is quite a good statement, and “schoolyard bullies” is the perfect description of the mob that wanted Pfefferle cancelled.

We, however, would not have “commended” Marquette. Marquette did not really come down on the side of free expression and intellectual diversity. Marquette backed off because Pfefferle was willing to fight, and the issue had gotten considerable attention.

There is no reason to believe that the basic instinct of university bureaucrats — to pander to politically correct leftists — has changed at all.

But statements like this one — as well as the massive public relations fiasco Marquette brought on itself — will hopefully temper the expression of that instinct.

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