Marquette Warrior: Letter to the Editor -- on the Snipers

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Letter to the Editor -- on the Snipers

Jess B writes:
The Marquette administration clearly has engaged in censorship by putting the kaibosh to the "Adopt a Sniper" program. This certainly isn't the first instance of censorship on said university (e.g., denial of certain speakers based on fabricated shortages of funds/space/etc.). Although it seems obvious to me that the College Republicans deliberately timed the event to elicit the very response they got (plus it worked as a great publicity stunt AND raised more funds than the original fundraiser would have), the administration should not have pulled the event. I say let the MU Republicans have their fundraiser--it's a university campus where open discourse should and ought be encouraged, and it will reveal those willing to sport the earned slogan of a highly-trained group of professionals while they themselves sit comfortably protected for what they are: conservative weenies.
Huh? Conservative weenies?

Are you really implying that nobody is allowed to support the troops unless they are willing enlist and go to Iraq to fight? We have about 200 million people of voting age in this country, and a clear majority of them support the troops. Are you saying we should have over a 100 million troops in Iraq?

I also find it odd that some people who are doing nothing to support the troops will criticize people who are doing something to support the troops, even if they are doing less than going to fight.


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