Marquette Warrior: The Gay Lobby’s Bridge Too Far at Marquette

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Gay Lobby’s Bridge Too Far at Marquette

Marquette, somewhat surprisingly, has refused to recognize the Human Rights Campaign as a student group at the University.

That might not seem suprising, since the group is a strong advocate of homosexuality as a perfectly normal and healthy form of sexual expression -- in sharp contrast to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

But it in fact is surprising, since there are two other “gay rights” groups on campus, and strong support for the “gay rights” agenda in the Campus Ministry.

Consider, for example, the “Pastoral Care” section of Marquette’s web site, run by the Campus Ministry. It asks “Are you Gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? Questioning?” It then provides a long series of links to left-leaning “Gay Rights” organizations. Some of these are the same organizations that have been persecuting the Boy Scouts for having the exact position on homosexuality that the Catholic Church does!

Campus Ministry Endorses Human Rights Campaign

The bizarre thing about this particular page is that it has a link to the national web site of the Human Rights Campaign. It has the notation “internships for students. Job ads can also be found on their web page.”

The Campus Ministry, in other words, is commending, and encouraging students to work for, an organization that Marquette won’t recognize here on campus!

Then there is the Gay/Straight Alliance, a recognized student organization at Marquette. The group has never made a secret of the fact that it just flatly opposes Church teaching on homosexuality.

The Law School could hardly pass up an opportunity to jump on the politically correct bandwagon, so there is the “Lesbian, Gay, and Other Advocates Legal Society at Marquette University Law School.”

Heretofore, Marquette has found a way to fudge and allow “gay rights” groups on campus. For example, the Tribune article repeats the claim that the Gay/Straight Alliance seeks “to educate and spread awareness on campus and not take a political stance.” Sure. Their goal is to “educate” people that the Church’s stance on homosexuality is wrong, and that people who agree with the Church are bigots and homophobes.

For some reason, Marquette has decided it will not try to fudge and finagle and again pay lip service to Marquette’s Catholic mission while being, in reality, politically correct. One would like to believe they have had a change of heart and decided they will actually support the Catholic mission even when it’s politically incorrect to do so. But more likely, they simply feared the reaction that approval of the group would create.


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