Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pro-Abortion Forces Want to Outlaw Ultrasound

It might be terribly inconvenient if a mother got to look at the “fetus” she is thinking of aborting. She might conclude that the “fetus” is in fact a baby.

So the “pro-choice” forces in Illinois want to make it a crime to do an ultrasound on a pregnant woman without a doctor’s order.

The claimed reason: the process might harm the “fetus.”

Note the irony here: they think a mother has an absolute right to kill the baby, but they want to make it a crime to have its picture taken!

As the Wigderson Library & Pub sarcastically observes: “Nothing to see here, just move along, there’s no baby in there, just a mass of cells, no reason to be against abortion or anything.”


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