Marquette Warrior: Belling’s Nickname Straw Poll

Monday, June 06, 2005

Belling’s Nickname Straw Poll

Just announced on his show:

Warriors - 2,680

Blue and Gold - 7

Explorers - 25

Golden Avalanche – 25

Golden Eagles – 48

Golden Knights – 26

Hilltoppers – 35

Saints – 7

Spirit – 26

Voyagers – 10

Wolves – 6

According to Belling: “This issue is not going to die until arrogant and condescending old Wild gets off his high horse.”

Further, Belling added that all of Marquette’s spinning has done nothing to depress the support for Warriors. Indeed, the incompetence of Marquette has probably built even more support for the name “Warriors.”

Belling characterized people who object to “Warriors” as “holier than thou” and elitist. Indeed, he called them “intellectual fascists who think they can decide what is appropriate for someone else.”

Strong rhetoric, but hard to dispute. Fr. Wild’s refusal to allow alumni, students and faculty to decide implies that he and like-thinking University bureaucrats somehow have superior moral judgment.

Certainly, there is a large degree of self-selection in the Belling poll, with conservatives over represented.

But even the University’s poll this past fall showed that “Warriors” was much better liked than “Golden Eagles.” Indeed, it’s been impossible for anybody to conduct any poll that doesn’t show “Warriors” far ahead of everything else.


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