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Friday, June 24, 2005

Media Double Standard

The media often decry the “partisanship” and “mean spiritedness” of Washington politics, but somehow it’s the Democrats claims of “offensive” rhetoric from the Republicans that get covered in the mainstream media.

From the Media Research Center: an analysis of how the mainstream media covered . . .
  • on the one hand, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who equated American servicemen at Guantanamo with Nazis and with the men who ran the Soviet gulag
  • and on the other hand Republican Karl Rove, who accused the Democrats of wanting to “understand” terrorists, rather than fight them.
It seems that the mainstream media ignored Durbin’s comments until they had Rove to bash, such that they could make some show of being even handed. Never mind that Rove was accurate, and cited evidence that Democratic liberals had done exactly what he accused them of.

Happily, the conservative alternative media was able to keep the heat on Durbin, and eventually forced him to apologize. Had it been up the the Mainstream Media, you would have never heard of his irresponsible tirade.


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