Friday, July 22, 2005

Time Magazine: Bias in Labeling Supreme Court Justices

A good catch from blogger Dennis York:

Time Magazine did a photo spread on sitting Supreme Court justices, and color coded them as “liberal” and “conservative” and as “moderate” and “staunch.”

The three conservative justices were all coded as “staunch,” and the four liberal justices were all coded as “moderate.”

The three conservative justices vote conservatively virtually all the time, and the four liberal justices vote liberally virtually all the time.

Apparently, in the view of Time, voting liberal all the time is a “moderate” thing to do.

York observes:
Time Magazine doesn’t even attempt to whitewash their biases anymore, and they never miss an opportunity to talk down to their readers.
Our view is somewhat different. We think that Time doesn’t see any need to conceal their biases because they simply can’t see that they have any.


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