Friday, August 12, 2005

Most Indian Tribes Blew Off NCAA Survey

When the NCAA Minority Opportunities And Interests Committee sent out surveys asking various group what they though about American Indian Mascots, one of the groups surveyed was American Indian tribes.

Note, they did not survey actual American Indians. Such surveys have been done by reputable survey organizations and find that 80 to 90 percent of Indians have no objection to Indian team nicknames. In their Report, the organization tells what happened:
The MOIC forwarded correspondence to over 500 American Indian tribes and councils to obtain their thoughts and comments. A list of tribal councils and governments is attached as Appendix I. The MOIC received a ten percent response rate from this group.


Ninety-nine percent of responses in this category requested the NCAA ban the use of American Indian mascots in intercollegiate athletics. Generally, American Indians view the use of mascots as racist. Many feel that the practice of using American Indian mascots is based on tradition and honor, held over from an outdated time of racial intolerance and prejudice in this nation’s history.
In other words, 99 percent of the 10 percent of tribes who bothered to respond were against Indian nicknames.

But 90 percent didn’t care enough about the issue to bother returning the questionnaire.

And this on an issue that is supposedly a racist outrage directed against all Indians.

Which makes the point we have often made: the entire mascot issue is the creation of white liberals and leftists, and a handful of Indian racial hustlers whose real constitutency is the politically correct whites.


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