Monday, October 17, 2005

Foreign Born Faculty: Danger to “Diversity?”

It’s interesting that Provost Madeline Wake’s new policy on hiring includes foreign born persons (even the dreaded evil European white males) as “diversity” job candidates. The politically correct diversity crowd doesn’t agree.

From Inside Higher Ed, some observations from a bunch of diversity hustlers who got to gether for a meeting in New York. The article quoted one JoAnn Moody, described as a “diversity consultant,” as follows:
Moody added that having faculty members from many different nations is not always a safe road to more diversity. “Immigrant professors ... often figure, ‘I came here without even the language,’” Moody said, explaining why some faculty members on search committees play down the educational benefits of diversity.
Translation: having overcome substantial (sometimes massive) disadvantages to make it to the U.S. and into higher education, they are not cowed by the claim that they are somehow privileged and need to adopt a submissive attitude toward the claims of more fashionable minorities.


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