Saturday, November 05, 2005

Journal-Sentinel Refuses to Apologize for Clarence Thomas “Asterisk” Comment

Tonight, tomorrow’s edition of the Journal-Sentinel is online, with the editors reacting to the furor resulting from their denigration of Clarence Thomas as a black who needs an “asterisk” next to his name.

Jessica McBride demolishes this sort of “logic” on her blog.

The paper is entirely unapologetic. They basically don’t get it. They are stuck on the notion that black people exist for the purpose of serving the white liberal political agenda, and any who don’t aren’t really “black.”

No doubt the liberals believe their agenda serves the interests of black people. But a lot of people don’t agree. Indeed, a fair number of black people don’t agree.

To their credit, however, the paper published a series of very cogent and well-reasoned responses to their racist editorial.


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