Friday, January 27, 2006

Not All Applicants to the Philosophy Graduate Program Know Geography

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It is about 10am on the last Friday of January and I am just chillin listening to some John Legend and Kelly Clarkson (she just has some great songs and a great voice) waiting till I have to go to ‘work.’ . . . I just got an email from Marquette University informing me that my application for philosophy graduate studies is complete and has been sent to the review board to determine whether I should or should not be accepted into the program. They gave me an ID number so that I could go online and check up on the status of my application. I am very anxious because Marquette is my top choice of graduate schools; the only thing I don’t like about the school is that it is in Minnesota! It is freakin cold up there!! I don’t know whether I could handle it if I got to go up there.
Happily, a background in geography isn’t a requirement for being admitted to the Philosophy graduate program!

Update: Ask Me Later recounts a similar experience:
When I was at Marquette I worked on the New Student Orientation Program. When taking a group of freshman around the city one day, a girl from Florida looked at Lake Michigan and asked, “Is that the Atlantic ocean?”


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