Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Ad For School Choice

From the Alliance for Choices in Education, a new TV ad for school choice, along with a press release.

Best line: “If school choice is good enough for the Governor’s family, I ought to be able to have it too.”

And of course, virtually all middle class people have school choice. Their kids may:
  1. Attend private schools
  2. Attend “magnet” or “specialty” schools that they have chosen from among public schools
  3. Attend public schools, with their parents having chosen to live in a particular place after considering the quality of the schools, and having the income to live elsewhere
  4. Attend public schools by choice, with their parents having sufficient income to send them to private schools
Only a small proportion of Americans, in reality, lack school choice.

Which is why withholding it from those who don’t have it is so grotesque.


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