Monday, March 06, 2006

AFL-CIO Blog: Wal-Mart “Paid” Bloggers

Leftist writer Tula Connell claims the following on the AFL-CIO Weblog:
Apparently New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro is working on a story detailing the corporate behemouth’s attempts to buy good PR by paying bloggers to write sympathetically about the world’s largest employer of low-wage workers.

That’s according to the Marquette Warrior, a blog sympathetic to Wal-Mart and apparently on Barbaro’s list of paid bloggers.
It’s nice that she has read our blog entry, but just where does she get the “buy good PR” and “paid bloggers” stuff? The only source she has is our blog post, and we didn’t mention getting paid. Indeed, we made it clear that we have not been paid anything. She seems to have noticed that:
McAdams denies receiving payment from Wal-Mart but clearly has a long list of pro-Wal-Mart blog entries.
So her only source is our blog post, and the blog post says we never were paid, and she concludes from this that we were paid.

Does she have any evidence of that? Since none of us bloggers who got news tips and leads from Wal-Mart PR guy Marshall Manson ever got a cent (at least we didn’t, and we have no reason to believe anybody else did) it appears that Connell is simply assuming that only a paid lackey could possibly say anything good about the giant retailer.

This is the same sort of moonbat logic that sees a CIA disinformation campaign behind any book or web site that refutes conspiracy theories of the JFK assassination.

The once-great American labor movement has become merely a home for hard-left conspiracy theorist yahoos.


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