Monday, June 26, 2006

Marquette Faculty: Rate the University Administration

An e-mail to faculty from the Marquette Public Relations people:
Marquette has been nominated for The Business Journal’s “Great Places to Work” feature. Now the university needs you to complete a simple, anonymous, 38-item online questionnaire. Go online or paste into your browser and enter the code [redacted]. The survey is being conducted by a private firm on behalf of The Business Journal.

Surveys must be submitted by Wednesday, June 28. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete the survey, and there is an opportunity to add your comments about why Marquette is a great place to work.
(We have redacted the code, since we don’t want to give out information that might allow people who aren’t supposed to take the survey to do so. Faculty can either dig it out of their old e-mail, or ask fellow faculty members or administrators for the code.)

People who have been reading this blog won’t be surprised to learn that we expressed a lot of confidence in our “workgroup” (the Political Science Department), and very little in the University administration.

Your milage may vary, of course, but the survey is worth taking.


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