Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Intelligent Design at the University of Wisconsin?

From Fraley’s DAILY TAKES, an interesting issue in academic freedom.
Now that the Kevin Barrett decision has been made it will be interesting to hear what the left says about The Brotherhood of Scientific Faith, a group of inter-disciplinary teaching assistants at the UW and other system schools. Their goal, according to conversations I’ve had with several of their members, is to encourage their students to merely consider what is known as Intelligent Design when undertaking the study of biology and other sciences.

While the membership is currently made up of about two dozen, mostly-white, men at three UW system schools, the group expects membership to grow seven fold and diversify over the course of the next several semesters.

While controversial, Intelligent Design is a theory that certainly has more believers and is conceptually more probable than any whacked out conspiracy theory spouted by Kevin Barrett.
If the group gets larger and gets any public visibility, I think we all know how it will play out.

We will be assured that academic freedom does not protect people who want to bring religious ideas into the college classroom.

It only protects secular people and ideas.


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