Friday, July 21, 2006

Islamic 9/11 Terror Rap Video Popular in U.K.

From The Observer:
It’s rap, jihad-style. A music video with blood-curdling images, fronted by a young British Muslim rapper brandishing a gun and a Koran is the latest hit in radical Islamic circles.

The rap song is called ‘Dirty Kuffar’ - Arabic for dirty non-believer - and it praises Osama bin Laden and the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York.

The video has recently been posted on the British website run by the Islamic extremist Mohammed al-Massari, the UK-based Saudi Arabian dissident who has lived in Britain since 1994. Al-Massari claims that the video has been selling in large quantities at mosques to the younger generation and is in heavy demand overseas.

The rapper fronting the video calls himself Sheikh Terra and the Soul Salah Crew - a take on the rap group So Solid Crew. ‘Salah’ is Arabic for faith.

The video might at first be mistaken for an Ali G spoof, but the violent images quickly reveal it is no joke.

The song starts with images of US marines in Iraq cheering as one of them shoots a wounded Iraqi lying on the floor. At the end of the video, it features shots of the hijacked planes flying into the Twin Towers with sounds of the rappers laughing. There is then a list of 56 countries they claim have been the ‘victims of American aggression’ since 1945.

The four-minute rap is essentially a repeated diatribe against the ‘dirty non-believers’ Tony Blair and George Bush, urging listeners to ‘throw them on the fire’.

One of the most brutal images shows a jihadist fighter in Chechnya riddling a captured Russian soldier with a Kalashnikov. Another image labels Pakistan president General Pervez Musharraf a traitor and shows photographs of Colin Powell and Condeleezza Rice with the words ‘still slaves’ superimposed across their bodies.

Al-Massari did not see a problem in using Western music and MTV-like images to sell a message of jihad. He said that it was an effective way of attracting young Muslims who had been put off by other Islamic sects such as the Taliban, which banned music and dancing. ‘I do not know of any young Muslim who has not either seen or got this video. It is selling everywhere. Everyone I meet at the mosque is asking for it.’

Al-Massari denied that the messages in the video incited Muslims to take part in terrorist attacks against the West.

He said: ‘I believe the lyrics are only metaphorical. It is not like this is a fatwa.’

Excerpt from ‘Dirty Kuffar’
Peace to Hamas and the Hizbollah
OBL [bin-Laden] pulled me like a shiny star
Like the way we destroyed them two towers ha-ha
The minister Tony Blair, there my dirty Kuffar
The one Mr Bush, there my dirty Kuffar...
Throw them on the fire
We have to urge caution in interpreting this. While The Observer is a perfectly reputable source, there are really no hard data here on the number of copies of the video sold.

If “a lot” of young Muslims like it, that doesn’t necessarily mean a majority, nor anything near a majority.

But it’s still not an encouraging development.


Anonymous poetwarrior said...

Erratum: salah is Arabic for prayer, not faith---that would be iman.
The video says "get down with Allah, or be cast into the Hell fire" and "OBL's crew pulled me like a shining star/the way they pulled down them two towers."

1:15 PM  

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