Friday, August 18, 2006

Marquette Coaches Have Hummers as Perq

From Brandon Henak at the GOP3.COM blog:

Information on one of the perquisites that comes with being a coach at Marquette:
A recent sighting of 7 brand new, shiney yellow Hummer H3s in the parking lot outside the Al McGuire Center sparked even more interest in which perks are personal and which are funded by the school.

A source within the MU Athletics program has confirmed that these new Hummer H3s were leased by Marquette University for the assistant coaches of the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams.
We have independently confirmed, also through a source at the Athletic Department, that these vehicles are leased by Marquette, and are a perq written into the contracts of several coaches.

As Henak notes, supplying gas guzzling vehicles to coaches at the University’s expense runs counter to claim that “social justice” guides the purchasing decisions of the institution.

This claim was wheeled out to justify the University’s switch from Alterra to Stone Creek coffee.

We personally have no problem with people driving Hummers. But we don’t much care for hypocrisy.


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