Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wal-Mart Will Use “Merry Christmas” in Advertising

Via an e-mail from Marshall Manson, PR honcho of Wal-Mart:
I know there’s some discussion out there today about Wal-Mart and Christmas. (Sheesh – it used to be, Christmas didn’t start until after Halloween.)

Wal-Mart’s policy is very simple: Associates can say whatever they want. If they want to say “Merry Christmas,” that’s fine. If they want to say something else, that’s fine, too. And Wal-Mart will be wishing its customers Merry Christmas in its advertising this year. Any suggestion to the contrary on either point is just plain wrong.
It seems Christians have won this battle in the War on Christmas.

Most Wal-Mart employees will say “Merry Christmas,” given the company’s concentration in conservative red states, and in working class and black urban areas. As for those who want to say something else, tolerance certainly demands that they be free to do so.

See also a message from Sam’s Club here.


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