Monday, November 27, 2006

Some Spaniards Do Oppose Terrorism

Marquette student Katie, of Me in Madrid, has been given some grief by anti-American types.

But she recently ran into the aftermath of a demonstration of people who were much more favorable to the U.S.

What kind of people were at that demonstration? Relatives of terror victims.

As the streets were cleaned up, she saw a woman with a Spanish flag and ask her what the demonstration was about.
The woman continued to rave about how much she loved the US and how firm our president is in his stance. She expressed embarrassment over an incident in which the Spanish president refused to stand as several Marines passed by in a parade with an American flag. She also noted that as a Spaniard she is ashamed that her country pulled out of Iraq when our American soldiers are over their losing their lives for a good cause every day.
Not a typical example of European public opinion, to be sure. But then in 1936, people who opposed Hitler were not typical either.


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