Saturday, December 09, 2006

Academic Fascism at Michigan State

Via Toyah an account of how a speech by anti-immigration Congressman Tom Tancredo was disrupted by campus leftists.

Cars were keyed, people kicked and spat upon, protestors took over the front of the room where Tancredo was speaking, and (most disruptive) the building fire alarm was set off twice.

The tenor of the protest is conveyed in an account published on a gay website:
The lecture hall had about 35 members of the sponsoring groups, as well as one man from the community who had found out about Tancredo’s visit from his recent appearance on Larry King.

Confrontations between audience members, and leaders of the groups broke out through out the lecture hall, and MSU police were summoned.

“They wanna be hiding in their little fucking racist bubble,” shouted protestor Jose Villigran upon entering.

“We believe in having an open and willing dialogue. But within the rules,” Jeff Wiggins, chair of the MSU College Republicans, told protestors.

“Come to my neighborhood and have a fucking conversation about immigration,” Villigran said under his breath.
Happily, Michigan State authorities called the cops, and Tancredo was able to finish his talk.

You can check out:
Interesting that the Mainstream Media pays little attention to incidents like this.

One could argue, of course, that they aren’t really that newsworthy.

But if a racist organization similarly disrupted a speech by (say) Jesse Jackson on a college campus, you can be sure it would be all over CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN for the next several days.


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